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Yoga twists and self-care

Surely an unusual combination, or is it?

When related to yoga, I think that twists and self-care suit each other.  Read on.

One of our themes this term is the yoga twist, and we will place the body in various base positions and study a twist in each; i.e. lying down, sitting (with various leg placement), kneeling and standing.

There will be positions where your body will love the twist and other positions or during another practice, you and your body will resist the twist.  Why is that?

We twist in everyday movement.  Driving, hanging out the washing, supermarket, gardening etc. but they are usually a brief and often neglected movement.

Yoga asks you to stay a little while in your twist, and breathe it.  Uh oh, what is happening now? Instead of looking and charging straight ahead as you do in life, your twist is offering you a new perspective, turning the other cheek, viewing from a different direction, and is purposely wringing you out.

Why do you want to be wrung out?  Sometimes you won’t want to be – especially if life is already doing that to you.  But the theory is that once you are suitably wrung – you are able to open up and absorb again.  Refresh and renew, you become rechargeable.

So what does this have to do with self-care – exactly that –the refresh, renew and rechargeable option available from your yoga practice.  The hidden language of yoga also reflects that twisting poses support us in managing the twists and turns of life.

Of course we will be discussing self-care in more detail, and there will be homework with journaling encouraged.

Oh what a journey.

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