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Discussion Group

Our Yoga Discussion Group comes together to learn and discuss the foundation, principles and understanding of Yoga in its whole form.  We look at how that connects to the physical practice as we know it, and extends into our daily life.

The majority of us come to the practice of Yoga for the physical benefits.  The physical practice of Yoga are referred to as one of the ‘Outer’ Disciplines (of Yoga).

As we practice, we soon begin to understand that these physical movements are led by the breath.  The breath is considered the ‘bridge’ – the bridge between the Outer Disciplines and the Inner Disciplines.

The ‘Inner’ disciplines form the very basis of Yoga; the foundation for understanding the practice of Yoga as a whole.

Whilst ‘Discipline’ may seem a harsh word in relation to the Yoga we know; it is these disciplines that give Yoga a common sense approach for training a healthy mind, body and life.

The discussion group meets on a Wednesday evening at the 5.30pm – 7.00pm time slot (in Tamatea)

Each meeting has a ‘topic’ and whilst the meeting is informal, we do begin and end with a short meditation; to help us connect to ourselves and as a group.  Yes we have relaxation prior to our closing meditation.

Discussion is open, with time given for the writing of your own thoughts.  What you keep to yourself and what you share is entirely up to you.

What to bring: Yoga Mat, blanket, journal, pen.

To give you an idea – here is the list of 2017 topics:

“What is Yoga”

“Developing a personal practice”

“Self Study ‘Swadhyaya'”

“Why we do what we do”


“Developing a personal practice A.M. & P.M”.

“Fine Tuning your personal practice / concentration / chanting”


Our first Discussion Group will come together on Wednesday 28th February @ 5.30pm (5.30pm – 7pm / $15 includes handout/worksheet, please book / bring journal and pen / if you would like the worksheet emailed in advance, let me know that when you book/pay)

our topic – “The Eight Limbs of Yoga” 

the Eight Limbs of Yoga form the very foundation of Yoga as we know it.  Written by the Yoga philosopher, Patanjali, between the third and second centuries BC; and still applicable to life today.  Come and join me as we delve into Yoga’s classical text, and learn how our practice evolves from there.

Please – Put these next dates in your diary too…………..

Wednesday 18th April 5.30pm

Wednesday 23rd May 5.30pm

our possible topics are:

“Fitting Yoga into an already busy life”

“Taking care of yourself” (Ahimsa – the 1st Yama)

“Contentment” (Santosha – the 2nd Niyama)

“The benefits of Yoga & is Yoga enough”

“Intention & Sankalpa”  the yoga equivalent of positive affirmation

If any of these topics interest you, please register your interest.  If anything on the 2017 list appeal, let me know that too – I’m happy to offer repeat sessions.