Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind



My name is Janette Larrington-Lewer, most often called Jan.

I am a well travelled Kiwi, Napier (New Zealand) born and bred; Kiwi parents from English/Scottish/Irish grandparents.

I first dabbled in Yoga in the early 70’s, but I just didn’t get it, I wasn’t ready for Yoga.  When I tried again, it was the weekly lesson (thanks Alison) available through the night class system. I thought it was about flexibility and spent years hiding in the back corner perfecting my Downward Dog.  At the end of each class, I enjoyed how I felt; even more so on the nights I didn’t really want to go to class.  But I didn’t know why.

Out of curiosity I went off and explored Qigong (thanks to Heiko). Next, it was the study of massage, because I always enjoyed giving foot rubs, and head massage.  Swedish massage led me to Reflexology, Integrated Reflexology, and then a diploma in Herbal Studies. The cycle of massage modalities led off the table and onto the floor for Thai Yoga massage. Thai Yoga massage led me back to Yoga on the mat.

The pull of Yoga became stronger because I had finally rid my system of 25 years of migraine headaches, and had the core strength and muscle development I needed to keep me pain-free from a spinal defect.

My Yoga study began in 2003. Study became serious and led to the Yoga Aotearoa/IYTA N.Z. (International Yoga Teachers’ Association (NZ) Inc) diploma with distinction, 2004. An intensive 250 hours of Advanced Yoga Studies (in 21 days) was undertaken in 2007 with Donna Farhi.

No longer restricted by how a pose should look, the feeling body began to lead. Yoga respects that a great deal of wisdom comes from the inside, we simply need to tune into it.

With a steady increase to teaching eight weekly classes, the years 2010/11 also included voluntary tutoring for the IYTA Yoga Teacher Training course.

Yoga is a practice, a philosophy, a way of life.  To the open mind, it offers so much. On and off the mat, we are forever the student and the teacher.