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Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

Often in a yoga class there will be a student who stands out as having special qualities, someone with the ‘aha!’ spirit of wonder and joy shining like a light from the depths of their being. At the back row of one of my classes (a great place from where to softly watch, learn and gently absorb) was such a one. This was a woman. I could sense she was already ‘wonderfilled’.Week by week I could feel a journey within this lovely soul beginning to develop. It was a journey of discovery and awe quietly embedding into her every cell.Deep from within herself, unfolding like a flowering bud, she found joy in her soft, clear asana, she found magic in the breath, she found peace in her ability to sit in quiet meditation – and she found her yoga point in life. She found it in the essence ofher own self, in her own inner peace.

 Yes, it was Jan. Janette Larrington-Lewer and she went on to in-depth study of the yoga world and continues to study so she may share with her students the benefits of the rich yoga heritage of body/mind practice.

 It is a true pleasure for me when I recommend Jan as a teacher, either to a beginning learner or to an experienced practitioner, because with her acute sensitivity and perception of each individual, I know she creates classes that pertain to the individual practitioner, yet encompasses the group as a whole to enfold, enrich and nurture each participant towards their own aspirations.

 Jan is a yoga teacher in whom I have complete trust.I absolutely recommend her classes and workshops with confidence and joy, knowing that participants will receive the very best experiences of the yoga world, all laced with care, consideration, laughter, and above all, love.


Alison Wright

Dip: IYTA :International Yoga Teachers Association

Cert: Yoga for Health Foundation England

Cert: Advanced Yoga Studies: Donna Farhi USA/NZ

March 2013.


Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

I have been attending Janette’s Hatha yoga classes for the last ten years, in fact ever since she became a yoga teacher. What keeps me coming back is both her technical skill, and her warm, friendly manner.

Jan has a very inclusive way of teaching, so that no matter how old you are, your gender, or what your body can or can’t do, you feel comfortable and safe.  She always provides options for the practice of physical postures so that, regardless of ability, everyone can benefit. She also gently challenges you to expand your yoga practice at your own pace.

She instructs with a lightness of touch, humour and sincerity. She includes breathing practices, meditation and relaxation, in addition to physical posture work, so you leave class feeling  stretched, more flexible, relaxed and uplifted.

I know Janette also takes her yoga teaching career very seriously, so continues to undertake professional development in this field. As a result her classes have changed and evolved over time which has kept me interested and engaged in my own practice of yoga over the years.

I would recommend her without hesitation.

Jillian Simpson  RN, MN and Dip Yoga Teaching (IYTA).


Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

I am a devotee of Jan’s style of teaching Hatha Yoga and have been attending her classes for 10 years.

I like the way classes commence with a quiet, reflective time to tune in with yourself followed by plenty of loosening up and stretching exercises, leading to poses which eventually become flow sequences.  After relaxation there’s another nice quiet reflective time to bring the class to a close, allowing you to feel safe to leave the practice.  At all times the emphasis is on respecting and being aware of our own bodies, and doing what is appropriate and comfortable for ourselves.  As I age, my body is maintaining and even improving flexibility and range of movement.

I always leave Jan’s classes feeling stretched, relaxed and re-energized – my mind, body and soul have been nourished.

Linda (sixty years young)

November 2013.

Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

16 November 2013

 To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Janette (Jan) Larrington-Lewer since February 2010.At the time I met Jan she was an appointed tutor for the International Yoga Teachers Association (N.Z.) Inc.I was about to undergo their teacher training course and I consider myself very fortunate to have been included in her team of student teachers.

Throughout my studies I found Jan was knowledgeable, organized, efficient, plus she had an excellent rapport with our group of students. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.

As time progressed our study demands increased and some of our group struggled to cope with juggling study, family life, and the personal hurdles that can come out of no-where.I personally coped with a broken ankle and finger, so for me, managing some asana was difficult.In all cases Jan’s empathy was fantastic. Her advice on how to proceed was invaluable and she inspired us all forwards.

Our completed monthly study papers were assessed by Jan with the same high degree of professionalism and from an extremely good knowledge base. So that, on return of my papers from her each month, I could always rely on useful additional information and inspiring ideas from Jan, to consider.

I am now a qualified Yoga teacher and teach four evening classes per week. Two nights a week I teach a very popular class for Beginners, which suits people who are fit but not flexible. I also hold another class for people with health problems. My fourth class is for students who have gained flexibility through my beginner classes and want to move forwards to an Intermediate class.

 In the years since becoming a qualified Yoga teacher I have always been able to turn to Jan for advice and inspiration.To me, ‘Jan’ as we all fondly call her, is a shining example of an experienced and devoted Yoga teacher.

 In summary, I highly recommend Jan for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jean Hunter

Jean A Hunter


Ph: 0274 500 646


Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

I started in Jan’s classes about 8 years ago looking for a way to increase my flexibility and to just generally make me feel better than what I was.Little did I know how much more I was going to get! From going to Jan’s classes over time my strength, flexibility, balance and sense of self have all improved immensely plus there’s been a whole change in outlook!I look back on how far I have come and feel so amazed with what I have achieved. I have Jan’s classes to thank for setting me on the right road.

 Jan’s ability to be in tune with her students is appreciated by all of them– knowing that you are not just one of a group but that you are also seen as an individual with unique needs.She responds so well to helping students with their requirements in her usual calm and confident way.

 Jan’s positive and encouraging approach to furthering my yoga journey has encouraged me to develop my own regular personal practice and also to venture into further yoga studies.These have become a real source of strength and are something that I wouldn’t be without in my life.

 Louise (December. 2013)

Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

“I’ve been practicing Yoga now for around 6 years – I’m a late starter, but as I’ve learned it’s never too late to start!  After some time at Bikram Yoga and gaining some injuries I decided it was time for a different Yoga practice.  I then found Jan and have been coming along to her classes for around the last couple of years… and my injuries are healing more and more as time passes.  I have to say Jan is the most amazing Yoga teacher.  She is one of those truly beautiful souls who really cares about those who attend her classes.  I love the way she teaches us de-constructed yoga and offers alternatives for anyone who’s body won’t do what it is supposed to do!  Jan is very caring and connected – her classes are grounded and real.  I’ve learnt so much more about Yoga from her.  Jan’s classes are a real pleasure to attend (and a good work out too – I always know I’ve been to a class!).  The people who attend the classes I attend are also really lovely as well – an added bonus!”

Jo Newton, Napier (mid 40’s J)                                 January 2016


Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

I find yoga is so important for my well being.  It is not only physical but also reaches the spiritual level and helps to keep life in balance.  It is also wonderful to release stress and anxiety.

 I have been doing yoga for approximately 20 years so it is truly part of my life.  I have been attending Jan’s classes for almost 10yrs.  Her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of yoga are truly amazing, along with her compassion and understanding for each one of us.  We all so enjoy coming together once a week to attend her class. 

 As we glide into our more mature years of life, it is so important to continue to gently exercise our bodies on a regular basis and yoga truly does this.  Thank you Jan.

 Lorraine, 65yrs young                                            January 2016


Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

Written Testimonial regarding Yoga Class instruction

Janette Larrington Lewer

I have been attending Yoga classes for a number of years, Jan is one of the best Yoga teachers I have ever had.

Jan makes sure she is well acquainted with the class, and is well aware of any health issues; providing alternative way of doing a particular exercise so everyone feels included. She even warms us up with hot lemon water on a cold winter’s day.

She has a rich sense of humour and is always willing to have a laugh, making for a fun atmosphere within the group.

Jan creates a feeling of love and kindness with her rooms, which feel like a sanctuary. When it is time for you to finish Yoga class for the day the feeling is like walking on air literally.

I believe Jan lives by the maxim that you lead by what you do for others.

Jan is not only an expert Yoga teacher, but an amazingly positive person to be around.


Cherrille Ede

26th January 2016

Testimonial for Janette Larrington-Lewer.

The Wednesday 9.15 a.m. Yogis are a very special group.  The numbers and faces haven’t changed for years.  They encourage each other and are prepared to give to their practice what they can.  They also admit to liking the floral centre piece and the coffee afterwards.  This group inspires me to keep teaching, to adapt Yoga and make it do-able regardless of the age and ability of the practitioner.  I thank each and every one of them, and believe that we are growing our yoga practice together. Oh, did I mention they are all retired+.

Now, here’s what they say:

“I look forward to my yoga class.  Jan tailors our class to our age and capabilities.  I have loved learning how yoga improves our body through breathing and exercise.  Thank you, Jan.”

Elaine.  69.

“I so much enjoy yoga as I’m sure it relaxes me plus keeps me supple.  You are a wonderful yoga teacher Jan, so considerate and careful not to push us too hard being an older group on a Wednesday.  Plus there is a lovely atmosphere of kindness in our group.  Thanks Jan.”


“Ritual, a specific time not to think of “to do’s”;  enforced calmness; and continued  physical consciousness.”


 “To help me be more mobile, flexible and healthy as I age.  Fantastic teacher, and lovely friendly group with lots of laughs.”


“It is a privilege to be in your yoga class Jan.  For me the exercises are enjoyable and necessary for my ongoing physical health – the yoga practice of concentrating on breathing, trying to accept but ignore the outside world, clear one’s brain of unnecessary clutter (try) to create calmness, these are goals I enjoy trying to attain.”

Maggie.  87.

“I have travelled with two companions through many years.  My ‘nature walking’ companion who has given me so many beautiful sights; and my ‘yoga companion’ who has created balance and flexibility.  Both have given me so much joy”. 


Looking to maintain flexibility and strength as I grow older, I’m delighted to find that Jan’s gentle yoga techniques have also improved my sleep, balance and self awareness.
(age 73) 


March 2021