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Wisdom of the Felt Sense

A yogi of many years has recently thanked me for providing personal tuition, both practical and theory.

In any learning (I believe) you can only take in so much regardless of the level you are at and according to what makes sense to you at the time.  Sometimes during learning, you feel as though you have gone stale and not making any progress, and that’s ok.

As your understanding and your personal situation or needs change; so too does your level of understanding of your subject. You learn more and move forward.

When you are ready for more knowledge, the subject matter will unfold and be right there in front of you.  Like a sponge you will soak up your requirements expanding your understanding as you go.

Yoga is like that.  It is there for you when you need it and whatever your needs.  In yoga, one practice may be strong and stretchy, another will be grounding and gentle.  One day you will enjoy twists but on another day twists will be a no go.

Why?  You only get to ‘why’ when you allow your practice to open to the wisdom of your felt sense – your true self and needs.

If you feel bogged down, you can override that by stretching out.  If you need to hide from the world and come home to yourself you may stay in child pose a little longer than usual.  Yesterday twists may have been the answer and felt great.  Today they don’t work and that is possibly because you are already rung out (emotionally) and can take no further wringing.

So how do you learn this felt sense.  You don’t. You don’t need to learn it as it is there inside you and will surface and make itself know when the time is right.  Your yoga will feel different.

Much of the felt sense comes from emotion, and emotion is energy in motion and when that energy is rampant new depths are reached.  Layer after layer peeled away, exposed, revealed, raw and vulnerable.  That’s where the felt sense resides, that is why you can’t learn it.  The felt sense has to be felt from the inside.

Acknowledge your felt sense with respect for it is as fragile as it is strong; new as it is wise.

Welcome home.

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