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20 years on

Resuming classes in January 2023 will mark the start of my 20th year of teaching Yoga.

I like to think that as I’ve matured my yoga journey has deepened and unfolded as indeed has life.  There have been twists and turns, hills and hollows and potholes along the way; even a few detours.

The perfection in my teaching is no longer necessary.  The initial need to be text book accurate in word and image has dissolved.  For a few years I became a course junkie, attending any class, course or retreat that was available and would extend my teaching tool kit.  The need to learn from others is satisfied …………for now.

When life experiences teach emotion, acceptance, pleasure and pain; a deeper learning comes from within.  Lessons are absorbed by the practice of yoga and so that practice expands.  Any boundaries are pushed beyond the horizon. If the lessons come from within, and the boundaries are expanded so too is my understanding of yoga and therefore my teaching.  There is a natural and holistic learning in the lessons and therefore the teaching, and that sits comfortably with me.

Having reached the official age of retirement, do I feel the need to continue teaching?  Right now, this isn’t a question with a yes or no answer.  For me it is a knowing that the journey is yet to arrive at its destination.

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