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Force versus Feeling . . .

Force versus Feeling / Balance and Breathing

It’s quite a mouthful but it is the theme for Term Two 2023.

As there was only a week between terms it was good to come back to poses we had just refreshed, the ones we knew and liked, the ones that felt safe for us on all levels.

Now we can study these poses again. Is there ever a time when you force your body into a pose? either the whole body, or a part of the body?

Or can you feel your way into a pose, feel each part of the body coming into the pose and offering its part in the alignment. Ideally every part of the body would come into each pose equally in strength, harmony, and breath. What if one part of the body is unable to take its part, due to accident, injury, inferior process, or structural change? Do you continue and force that part of the body to co-operate and be part of the pose in equal measure? Or do you support that part of the body with the surrounding body areas?

I am not answering these questions for you, I am asking you to bring this thought into your practice.

Perhaps this is where Balance and Breath come into the equation.

When you think of balance what do you think of, what is your reference? Often when asked this question a yogi will immediately think of ‘tree’ pose – a traditional yoga balance pose. There is much more to consider………….. changes will occur week to week. The balance of work/life; mind/body; personal situation. Whatever is happening in life is going to reflect in the body and therefore in the body’s ability to achieve balance.

Learn to tune into your breath and read the messages thus revealed. When the breath is out of balance with the body likely the mind will be out of balance too. Feel when there is difference between the in and out breaths. Feel when the whole breath rhythm is short and shallow – how do you feel then? And how do you feel when the breath has equalized and the rhythm is long and slow? Does anything else change?

Our theme this term is Force versus Feeling and we will learn more and enhance our practice through observation of balance and breathing. It really all comes back to the balance between ‘being and doing’ and deepening your self awareness.

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