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Returning to class

With a theme addressing the digestive system, our early January start was aimed at the post Christmas/New year overload of festive eating.

All went smoothly for the first five weeks, with poses specific to stimulating and improving the digestive process.

After a weather event that effected everyone in our surrounding area, returning to a class practice required a change of focus because everyone’s focus had been changed. Mood, energy, confidence, priority…. everything had changed.

There was no point focusing on the digestive system when everyone was either comfort eating, or existing on cups of tea at all hours. No. A yoga practice needs flexibility, and sometimes flexibility has nothing to do with touching your toes. Being able to change your practice when it becomes necessary – that’s flexible – whether that change is due to energy, circumstance, time or situation. Sometimes flexibility is non negotiable.

What we needed was comfort yoga to compliment our comfort eating. Poses we knew from our heart and poses our bodies knew. Poses our bodies could sink into without thinking; totally released into the feeling body and safe for the emotions to unravel.

The nurturing aspect of familiar poses held for longer; the long slow out breath that encourages the letting go enabling the whole body to sigh; and generous time allowed for relaxations. That was what we needed from our Yoga Practice.

Yes we returned to class, and we allowed the fellowship and the practice of yoga to nurture us.

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