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Watches, Smart Watches & Fit Bits

What have they got to do with yoga?

I’m the wrong person to ask because I don’t understand their place in a yoga practice, and certainly not in a class.

Here’s my thinking…

For the duration of the practice stop measuring yourself by time, pace, step etc.

Yoga is the practice of self awareness, it encourages you to tune into your feeling self and understand that the true measure of the practice comes from the inside.

Know your starting place and practice accordingly. In knowing how you feel and what your needs are, you can be tuned to the changes as they occur and be able to observe them without judgement. Reflection at the end of the practice is a time of acceptance.

It depends how many layers you peel back as to what you feel. How deeply are you tuned to your heart and your belly? What releases and comes to the surface, and what you are prepared to let go of.

What is important to you, why are you practising yoga? Are you practising to come home to your real self, or to have it counted and measured and noted on your CV.

The more information the Fit Bit offers the more temptation into distraction, and therefore monkey-mind.

Please, in my classes, take off your watches and Fit Bits (I’ll keep track of the time!) Be smarter from the inside.

Be with yourself, be who you are where you are and let the practice of yoga meet you there.

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