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Anchor your big toes

Yogis tend to relate to a balance pose from the head – that dreaded thought “my balance is lousy” and that initial thought registers their wobbles.

I am learning to read balance poses from the sole up, particularly from the grounding of the big toes.

A quiver in the big toes sends off a ripple of disconnection shuddering its way up through the body, and hello the head is now satisfied that its registered thought has been confirmed.

Ground your Tadasana – your base pose

Connect to your breath – calm regular breathing

Anchor your big toes, little toes and heels

Lengthen your spine

Engage your core

Change your thought to a positive one

Find your focus point, soften your gaze

Use your core strength to engage both the upper and lower body, all 5 limbs.

Yes, include your shoulders and arms

Now, try your balance pose again


and again

remember this is a yoga practice, not a yoga perfection

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