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Chair Yoga

We have now accomplished over 100 chair classes, and together we are learning that there is still more to learn. So much of Yoga can be adapted for a chair practice.

I am thrilled and delighted to see the changes occurring, and to share the commitment and passion that the ‘Babes’ themselves are showing for this practice.

It is all very well for me to enthuse over chair yoga, so I asked what the Babes themselves thought.

Here is the first comment

I recommend Jan 100%.

I have recently added a chair yoga session to my twice weekly Yoga for Health ‘mat’ classes. I find it adds another dimension to my flexibility and core strength and reinforces how important awareness of breath is to improve and achieve.

Jan recognises that every “body” is different and always caters to every “body”.

I always feel energised, stretched and positive after these sessions.

I’m so grateful to have found such a talented, dedicated and skilled Yogi as Jan”.


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