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Cyclone recovery

Hard to believe it is April already. All intentions of a monthly ‘thought’ got lost during the past three months. Our area was pummelled by a cyclone, people and land left battered and bruised, the effects far reaching and long remaining.

Where does Yoga fit into this? Is it time to step away from Yoga for a while because there is too much repair work to do, too many people needing support. Priorities change, courage shaken, importance placed elsewhere.

Offering the first classes post cyclone I had no idea who would be ready to return to their mat, or have the energy or time to do so. It was soon apparent that Yoga helped as part of the recovery program for the people. The familiarity of routine, the benefits of stretch and breathe for the body, mind and emotions. The restorative value of relaxation. Yes, Yoga is necessary. The class aspect of yoga allows for stories to be shared, support to be given and laughter and tears equally accepted.

The non-judgemental quality of yoga is a blessing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much stretch is in the stretch, nor how deep the breathing; what matters is doing what you can, when you can, being open to the practice and accepting both yourself and the practice as it is in the moment.

Thank you Yoga, you restore our faith in the practice, you restore our faith in ourselves.

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