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Let Yoga in

What does it take to let Yoga into your life?  Is it more than attending a weekly class?  More than the same 20 minute practice twice a week? 

Yes, I believe it is.

It is sad to see yogis who are ‘blocked’ in their practice.  A practice that has become routine, no thought required, no feeling, simply routine to the point of being stale; lacking both intention and outcome.

If there is no willingness to change, then this is a mental attitude which can affect any part of the practice from blaming Monkey Mind for disrupting relaxation to tight hamstrings for resistance in forward bends.  Nothing will change because of the mind-set. All the lessons offered through Yoga are reflected rather than absorbed and change is resisted rather than allowed.

Slowly practice begins to change; this may be unintentional and likely initiated through life circumstance.  Perhaps it is health related, your own or someone close.  The times when you are so rung out, not knowing which way to turn, so tired, worn out by worry and frustration, information overload, pain and emotional turmoil.

The Yoga mat becomes a quiet space, something consistent, reliable and always available.  You lie, or sit, and wait.  Wait until the body wants to lie or sit some more, or move.  Move without planning the next move, just move; and then the body remembers a favourite pose or sequence and the body breathes in, and the body breathes out …………………….you have just let Yoga in.

Now Yoga will take you on a new journey. Firstly it will ask nothing of you; it will simply become your supportive surface, holding your grounding points.  It will neither criticize nor judge you, nor ask you to fit more into your day.  It will however encourage you to be intuitive and from somewhere deep within your feelings can surface safely.  It is from here that you will grow, you will reach deeper into yourself and draw on new strength and listen to your own wisdom. Just like the lotus you will ease up through the mud and resurface, just like the phoenix you will rise up and begin again.

When you are ready to let Yoga in, Yoga will be there for you.

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