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Step away from your mat

I use travelling as an opportunity to encourage myself into the expansion of my practice through varying surfaces.  Instead of that known surface of yoga mat or carpet, the practice becomes more tactile. Body parts such as hands, knees and feet are much more responsive to surface and quicker to send very clear messages of detected change.

My favourite surface is a shoreline with sand or small pebbles offering something to wriggle the toes into; even the lap of water is an added sensation to earthing.

This designates a standing practice and encourages fluidity within the moves.

Tiles, concrete and decking also suggest a standing practice.  With the aid of a towel, bath mat or door mat; some sitting and kneeling poses can be added.  You take greater responsibility for your body parts when the surface is hard hard.

My travelling practice often lacks supine poses, but has the added bonus of using tables, frames, chairs, walls, posts, rocks and logs as props.  Now the practice is more creative, intense and energizing and new sequences begin to unfold.

If you unroll your mat in the same place every time you practice, are you limiting that practice to the known?  You know the pose and you know how it will feel.  Keep practicing, but be brave, step wider or away from your mat change the surface, stay safe, but encourage your senses to explore, to feel what is new.

You can always return to your mat tomorrow……………………….

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