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Autumn Energy

Autumn Energy, a time to turn within and develop inner focus.  A time to offer and experience different practices and to remain open minded to change.

Undoubtedly we are all quite unique; the way we speak, walk and talk, the way we think, feel and respond.

Consistency in a yoga practice has always been recommended and acknowledged as beneficial.  Another recommendation is to come into each practice (whether self-practice or class situation) with ‘beginners mind’.  Thus your practice has a chance to unfold without expectation or judgement. 

If your mind takes over any practice, any thoughts such as: “this isn’t what we/I usually do”’ “why are we doing it differently to last week” will take you straight back into the dialogue of monkey mind and prevent you from experiencing your practice from the feeling body.

A slow moving, quiet practice takes it to a deeper level, a moving meditation’ as though through a clear window you can see inside, developing inner focus.

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