Yoga for Health

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Grounding & Rising up

I have long believed that our practice of yoga (on every level) can be a balance to life.  That you set the intention, put into the practice what you have and gain from it what you need.

These first three months of 2022 have been ‘testing’ in all sorts of ways.  Therefore our class practice has been grounded and grounding and based on the simple 10 pose sequence “Small Sun Salute/Surya Namaskar”.  Over these 10 weeks we have considered other poses and seen where and how and why they may slot into this base sequence. We have also considered the same sequence looking at this selection of poses as being suitable for morning/evening/anytime.

If we were to do all our new poses, we would end up with a sequence of 20 poses; but that was never the intention.

By having a wider choice of familiar poses you are more able to create a practice that is supportive.

The pose of ‘surrender’- the prostration pose/Pranaam within the sequence allows for a natural letting go, where you release belly to earth.  When you consider that your belly holds your tensions and fears, your gut instinct and intuition; it makes sense that this is a nourishing and wholesome pose allowing you to receive the energies of mother earth.  Learn to give into and completely let go in this pose.  Then follow it with Cobra/Bhujangasana – opening the mind, throat and heart – all the means of communication – rising up – to begin again.

Put into your practice what you have and you will gain from it what you need.

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