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Back in September I wrote in my journal . . .

“You never know where you can come from, what your strengths are, where your truth and beliefs are stored; until you turn within”.

As many of you who know, these last few months have been an emotional time for me.  Even though you are expecting the death of a love one, nothing really prepares you for the reality and your responses to it.

“When you are in emotional turmoil, restless, raw, open and vulnerable; there comes a time when you reach a cross roads.  You can sink, down, deeper and become stuck…………..OR …………you can sift and sort and repair in whatever form it takes – tears, keeping busy, moving, sitting still”.

For me it is Yoga. There are so many tools Yoga offers – and it is when I am at my lowest that I turn within and dig the deepest.  If at such time I find the discipline of meditation too difficult, then I turn to the physical aspect of Yoga.  Time in child pose, and begin to move from there.   “Even if you can’t move forward, just move, on the spot if need be – just move.  To feel your way up, holding on to what makes you strong, holding on as you climb up, and find your feet. Move and trust”.

Moving will bring me back to the breath.  The breath will bring me to the present moment. In the present moment I experience life as it is right now.

Yoga is not about standing on your head or twisting yourself into a pretzel.  It is about standing grounded, regardless of what life throws at you.

To stand grounded, to find your centre, to come back to the breath.  These words I say to you in every class.  These are the same messages I fed myself to stand before you knowing that Alison Wright had just died suddenly (August 2015), and these same messages got me through before and after my Dad died.

I tell you this now, in the hope that one day you will find the strength in Yoga that I do.


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