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2016 Ready to Roll

Yogi’s…………..our classes are about ready to roll

Actually, In Yoga terms that means ready to unroll …………..your MAT.

The start dates as listed on the ‘Classes’ page

Mornings:         Saturday 16th       &       Wednesday 20th

Evenings:         Tuesday 19th        &       Thursday 21st

The theme for the coming 10 weeks is “Right & Left”

we will reflect this in our practice via Breath, Body & Brain and find out how it is all linked; and yes there is a new sequence for us to learn.  It is one of my own and affectionately known as “Plank and Poise”

Plank – that great pose for strengthening and balance.

Poise – such a great word to apply to our Yoga practice – composure or dignity / equilibrium / stability / physical balance.

Saturday 7.30am; we will continue to move where our practice takes us, working with longer holds and increased repetitions and feeling the difference between the two.

I look forward to seeing you and your mat.

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