Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind

Theme for Autumn Yoga

Compare / Transform / Observe

The theme for this term is multi-layered. We will compare similar poses where the body is either lying / sitting / kneeling / standing.


A Spinal wave : Standing / Kneeling (into soft Camel) / Lying – as in pelvic rocking which gently lead into soft low bridge.

This transforms into Low Bridge – then returning to Camel.

(We can also move a spinal wave through the body from a seated position, or on all fours  – the dynamic pose we affectionately call ‘Cat’).

Next is to Observe and Appreciate the differences. What feels better for your body?

What happens whenever your body moves, and which of those movements make you feel good?  Which ones calm you, balance you, and which ones energize you?

As you are well aware, I love deconstructing Yoga, and practicing by way of inquiry.

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