Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind


Consistency in a Yoga practice is considered important.  A gentle consistent practice over time will bring more benefits than a hard-out ‘burst’ once in a while. It is also a safe way to practice; a mind-full approach means that you are less likely to hurt yourself.

I have found another reason for consistency in practice.  During times of emotional turmoil, (refer to my earlier ‘thought’ on Yoga and Grief) a safe familiar routine on the mat brings comfort. There is no brain or ego involved. The mind doesn’t have to think about ‘what to do next’ and so the body is allowed to move intuitively into poses that it recognizes and trusts.

The “Collins Concise” refers to the Consistency as “a state or quality of holding or sticking together and retaining shape”.  Oh Yes indeed – there are times when you face what is happening around you and just try to hold yourself together, and I suppose that is you retaining shape in view of the world.

When you need it; allow your familiar safe gentle Yoga practice to be your consistency and to nurture you at the same time.

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