Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind

Yoga for Health

My passion, understanding and experience of Yoga allow me to believe that there is much we can do for the body and mind; our connection to each and their relationship to each other. I believe there is a great expanse of wisdom and healing available from within the human form.

Yoga is an everyday tool that we can practice and draw from

to stimulate the systems and functions of the body, to stabilize and mobilize its structure and to regain, maintain and extend its flexibility and mobility. The extended Yogic practices which include breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation and philosophy can affect the nerve and brain impulses; thus allowing subtle changes to occur.

I am not negligent and naïve, I do not believe Yoga is a cure all or quick fix for major misfortune and disease. We can’t change what we are dealt, but we can learn to live in the body mind we have, and care for it to the best of our ability and understanding, should we wish to accept the responsibility and do so.

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