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The twists & turns of life

I am fascinated by the hidden language and meanings of our poses.

What is your relationship to the twisting poses? Love them or tolerate them?  Have you ever related ‘twists’ to life?  Life is full of twists and turns, we often don’t know what will happen next.  Do you battle rigid and fixed in your ways; or are you able to twist and turn and go with the flow.

Physically, twists are a great massage for the abdominal organs, the gentle squeeze and release is cleansing and nourishing and stimulating.  Twists work into the back muscles, releasing tension in the back and neck and assisting spinal alignment. Twisting from the base of the spine, from the inside out – is a great release of stored energy and twists integrate the left/right brain hemispheres. 

Twisting firstly to the RIGHT compresses the ascending colon before the descending colon.  If we twist to the right it helps to release the past, then we are free to twist to the left and face the future.

Does your twist leave you feeling wrung out?  What are you wringing out, what do you have the need to get rid of?  If there are knots in the body, maybe there are knots in the mind.

When we anchor downwards and remain grounded, then we are free to spiral upwards to expand beyond our usual limitations.

I believe the twisting poses relate to the twists and turns of life.

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