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New Year Honours

We begin 2014. For many a New Year means new Resolutions.  We read the national New Year Honours list.

What about yourself? Do you ever consider being honourable to yourself? Think about it. How do you honour yourself now? or what small changes could you make to your life in order to honour yourself at a deeper level.

Perhaps we can begin with our Yoga practice, coming to the mat and moving into a comfortable sitting or kneeling pose, use props if necessary; then bring your palms together in Anjali (Prayer) Mudra, and allow your thumbs to touch lightly at your heart center.

Take your time……..tune into your surroundings…. your body…  your breath, and then tune into your heart. Stay for a few minutes and listen to what arises.  Listen and you will hear from your own intuitive wisdom.

I often repeat wording that came to me during a practice last year…..  Let me tune into my deepest wisdom, my strongest beliefs and my safe and gentle guides”.

Your heart centre is your center of wisdom, where the truth of the real you resides. As well as a greeting, Anjali Mudra is known as the gesture of peace, harmony and honouring.

This is a respectful way to begin and end any Yoga practice, and one that brings you into balance and harmony………with you; a simple way of honouring yourself.

New Year Honours………an effective New Year Resolution 😉

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