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Workshop – Yoga in Flo~Motion

I am inspired to facilitate a workshop “Yoga in Flo~Motion”. Delving into the concept of a less rigid and more mobile practice. It is a way of moving that I personally enjoy and bring into my own practice.  Rather than loosing alignment, this allows the body the freedom to align in a natural way.

I offer the following information, details of date/time/place are on the flyer.

Intention of “Yoga in Flo~Motion”

·        To move freely and fluidly

·        To mobilize the joints without strain

·        To move with ease, in tune with your own energy level

·        To enjoy moving to music

·        To release tension and tightness

·        To relax and return to your own rhythm

·        To practice a soft flowing style of Yoga

Why Yoga to Music?

·        Music stimulates the right-brain hemisphere.

·        Right brain activities include the creative processes, intuition, imagination, and non-verbal communication.

·        The vibration of sound can lift, shift or change your feelings/emotions. Emotions are energy in motion.

·        Music that inspires you to move is an asset if you are ‘stuck’ in your practice.

·        Music can help you deepen your practice.


  • Previous Yoga experience would enhance your participation and enjoyment of this workshop.
  • Know the sequencing of Small & Classic Sun Salute (Surya Namaskars), and the poses of ‘Tree’ (Vrikshasana) and ‘Triangle’ (Trikonasana); would be beneficial.

If you enjoy the classes where a section of our practice is accompanied by music; then I am sure you will appreciate this workshop….but don’t worry; you won’t be subjected to music for the whole 3 hours. 

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