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How do I teach?

How do I teach? and How does a class go?

These very good questions were put to me during a recent phone enquiry for my classes.

I replied that I bring the class together with a 10 minute centering and grounding meditation, which enables us to leave the distractions of the day, and bring body/breath/mind together for our practice of Yoga.

This is followed with ‘flexibilities’ which happen to be a passion of mine; a combination of stretch, flex and light asana work. I sincerely believe that as we age it is important to keep the mobility we have and increase it if possible.

Once the body is warmed we may look at a particular asana (pose). This may include several variations, and modifications which enable every body to achieve the pose.

My other passion is flow work – sequencing; where several asana are linked by a transitional move.  Once we know a sequence we may continue to practice it for another week or two, sometimes to music.

Prior to relaxation, we spent a few minutes releasing through very gentle supine asana.  Relaxation is followed by a further body/breath/mind meditation.

 The other point of concern for this lady was if I demonstrated the class, as some teachers don’t. Yes I do, in fact I demonstrate most of the class, but leave my mat if I see someone in need, or to ‘tweak’ their alignment to bring greater ease and comfort through the pose.

 But how I really teach is the place within me where I teach from –  the heart.  I try to teach from an open heart, supported by a very intuitive belly.



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