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Year 17

Although I find it somewhat hard to believe, this is my 17th year of teaching Yoga.

How wonderful that some dedicated yogi’s have been with me through all these 17 years.  Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, understanding and humour.  To those who have joined me along the way; this is such an amazing practice and experience to share – my how we have grown.

Where did those years go, and how far have we come on our Yoga journey?

Well, here’s what I have learnt.

Yoga is like returning home.  You learn to accept yourself and realize you are the best person to do that.  From that place, you can open up and your Yoga practice becomes a freedom.  In the beginning, that may feel a bit raw, vulnerable and emotional – but you learn that those are OK feelings to ride with.

If you come into your practice feeling open and free; you certainly have a head start.

If you come into your practice feeling bound, constrained by time in a heavy condensed body and a rigid mind set; Yoga offers you a place, space and grace.

Either way, Yoga helps to reset rhythms, clear obstacles, and refreshes the whole self.  As with life, no one can do your yoga for you. What you put into it – you will gain from.

Each practice like each breath requires a fresh start, unique and unknown, then takes itself where it can flow.

This isn’t about me, oh no, this is what I see in you.

Yoga is a commitment, a discipline and an observation; and I am grateful that Yoga is a willing part of my life.

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