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Theme for Term Two

Sometimes, bringing a term theme together works out better than could be anticipated, and the term we are finishing this week, is one such term.

To take two sequences, learn the poses and transitions of each, and then link the two; well that is rather a challenge – for me and for you.

But, it worked!! Even better, you have obviously enjoyed the sequences and felt a sense of achievement within these 10 weeks. Quite honestly, that’s the reward for all of us.  It was not pre-planned how the two sequences would come together.  I gauge your energy and response, and go with the flow.  That’s the flexibility of Yoga.

Coming into our 10 week autumn term, I have chosen two more sequences for us to work with, a stronger standing sequence and a softer grounded sequence. Both sequences complete in their own right.  As the term progresses we will know if and how the sequences come together.

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