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Wonderful Yogic Words

Wonderful Yogic Words

Mindfull v Mindless

Breathfull v Breathless

Stressfull v Stressless

Restfull v Restless

Where being Mindfull is better than being Mindless; and yet Stressfull is worse than being Stressless. . . . .  we can have restfull nights and restless nights; and when it comes to the breath – Breathfull is not recognized as a word or a state, and yet it is possible to be Breathless.

Yes, I have spelt ‘full’ with 2 ll’s because I mean really FULL as opposed to LESS; and besides which less is allowed 2 ss’s.

The practice of mindfullness by those of us who recognize that our minds are ‘full’.

The vitality of breathfull; as opposed to the depleted state of being breathless.

A situation is  stressfull because we can’t look beyond that moment to stress less.

If we do not learn the act of Restfull we become Restless.

These words run together bring our awareness to? Yoga as a way of life.

Mindfull to be Breathfull, when life is Stressfull in order to become Restfull.

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