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Manipulate or Coordinate ?

Manipulate or Coordinate ?

How do you approach your physical Yoga practice? Is it a rigid or fluid practice?

Do you manipulate by mind OR coordinate with the breath?

Observation clearly indicates there is a difference.

When a body is manipulated by the mind, there is a rigid format of routine; posture and movement patterns unchanged over the years.

A body/mind that has developed a connection through the breath displays a sense of freedom in its movement

Rigid does not mean strong and stable, rather it implies being locked in, controlled. Likewise, Fluid does not mean sloppy, lazy and undisciplined.

Fluid allows a body to explore movement patterns, adapting to what is possible or required.

Fluidity comes when movement is led by the breath, and the body can maintain the breath at a comfortable rhythm.  The IN breath offering expansion the OUT breath inviting release.

When you realize the connection of breath and movement, you will understand why breath is considered the bridge between the mind and the body.  Now you can open up your practice and experience freedom in your movement.

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