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Appearance V. Feeling

It is interesting to observe a room full of Body’s practicing Yoga.

Even after years of practice, some ‘body’s’ never seem to change the way they enter, maintain and leave a particular pose – or the practice as a whole – confirming a stale rigid practice.

For those at the ‘beginner’ level of practice, there can be lack of coordination and understanding, usually fleeting moments; and this understandably comes from the newness of the practice.  In the beginning there is also the fear of ‘getting it wrong’, and that fear inhibits the ability to release fully.

I query if it is also to do with the mind creating an image rather than a body being allowed to feel.  Which leads me to question whether some people live outside their body, rather than inside?

This idea of creating an image comes from the projected appearance (also represented through hair, clothes, jewellery, makeup  and presentation)

If feeling is allowed to surface; it makes such a lot of difference to the comfort,  coordination, ease and enjoyment to the practice of Yoga.

So, next time you are on your mat………..question your practice.  Is it rooted in appearance, rigidly grounded; or does it grow from feeling?

Alongside ‘appearance’ is ego, and alongside ‘feeling’ is acceptance.

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