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the Annual Test

You will be pleased to know that the Annual Test for your end of year Yoga progress report – is an open book test.  You can refer to as many notes, books, and trusted websites as you please. You are testing yourself.  Can you establish and maintain a home Yoga practice while your regular class […]

a sense of ‘being’

As you begin to understand your physical practice, you may notice subtle changes on other levels.  Those moments when although you are quite aware of your surroundings you feel almost removed, detached, or withdrawn from them.  You may find a sensation of ‘in the zone’ or quite literally that wonderful yogic sense of ‘being’.  Where […]

It is not about the mat

A mat does not a yoga practice make. Liberate your practice, and work off the mat – perhaps it’s the yoga equivalent to being ‘off-line’. Without trying to stay within the edges of a mat you can allow yourself to slide between poses; (like swapping sides in pigeon) or roll from prone to supine. You […]

Amending Tradition

It has been a tradition to end our classes standing in a circle and holding hands with the left palm up right palm down, the gesture of giving and receiving.  This is how classes ended when I attended weekly classes, and I chose to keep that tradition alive. Coming together again after lockdown, the gesture […]

Resistance & Resilience

Resistance and Resilience both hold a place within a Yoga practice. By using a prop when practicing a particular pose, resistance can help build strength and stamina.  This will come from pushing, pulling or loading the pose. It is entirely different when there is resistance to change.  Without change a yoga practice can become stagnant. […]

Lessons during lock down

What have you been learning during your time in lock down? I refer to self-study and life lessons rather than a language or hobby. Have you slowed down? Have your priorities and values changed?  Has your thinking become clearer? Have you realized that it is not your haircut that makes you who you are. It […]

Comfortable, Dependable, Reliable

What is it for you? Food, armchair, blanket, book, movie, garden, walk or Yoga? During times of need, it is good to seek out that which is a nurturing way to unwind.  Whether it is your comfortable shoes ready for a walk or run, or curling up under your favourite blanket for a snooze or […]

The Possibilities of Change

The Possibilities of Change Running parallel to ‘The Grief of Change’ (see the previous post) is another flow ‘The Possibilities of Change’. So now we know how it feels to be living in lockdown. The very early days revealed new rhythms with the time constraints of the usual work routine removed.  For those in ‘retirement’ […]

The Grief of Change

Throughout our lives we will experience the natural process of grief.  We will experience it more than once, and it will not always involve death.  We can grieve for any form or loss, or change. Grief is a cycle of emotions and emotion is energy = energy in motion.  It is documented that there are […]

Theme for Term Two

Sometimes, bringing a term theme together works out better than could be anticipated, and the term we are finishing this week, is one such term. To take two sequences, learn the poses and transitions of each, and then link the two; well that is rather a challenge – for me and for you. But, it […]

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