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Term Two Evolves

Now that we are 5 weeks into our term; our Autumnal theme is really starting to evolve.

Those hip-opening warm ups and poses have certainly indicated where our bodies have got stuck; but slowly and gently we shall try and ease ourselves into mobility.

The ‘standing’ sequence is taking shape; so this week we will start on a ‘ground’ sequence – i.e. right down at ground level.  Then we will alternate our practice between the two; and that gives up 2 – 3 weeks to put the two sequences together.

After a successful ‘E-Yoga’ workshop on Saturday afternoon – the ideas are already flowing for our Winter term theme.

Please look at the ‘classes’ page, for dates this winter.  The 10 week term between June and September will be split to 2 x 5 week terms, with 5 weeks in between 😉

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