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Yoga is yours

Yoga is yours

I love sharing my passion and knowledge of Yoga; but…Yoga is yours – Your journey.

We come together in class to learn from each other; yes, I learn from you too; but the study of Yoga and the journey is very much an individual experience.

It is pleasing that some of you have taken up the suggestion to start your own Yoga journal, to record notes during class, (including the homework task) and then add your thoughts and feelings as you continue to practice; noticing what area of the body or what pose you struggle with. You begin to learn from your resistance, and take responsibility for your Yoga, you notice the changes as they occur.

I notice those changes in you.  The practice becomes the enquiry that it is, and moves away from the ‘simon says’ version.  Your questions are wise rather than lazy.

It’s a big yes from me – keep those journals open.  Yoga is yours, a gift and practice for life.

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