Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind


Giving homework is to encourage you to practice your Yoga at home; it is neither a threat nor challenge.

When you feel like practicing Yoga, how do you get started, what do you do first, how do you decide which postures to practice, how do you end the practice?


  • Give yourself permission to practice and remind yourself this is not a selfish activity.
  • Allow yourself the time to practice;  no one will give you spare time.
  • Create a suitable space for yourself.
  • Unroll your Mat and have your props ready; be prepared for your practice.

The Plan

Centering                    Sit and connect; to your space, your physical body and your breath.

Flexibilities                  Work all the main joints and muscle groups.

Build intensity             Practice individual asana, or a flow sequence

Wind Down                 Choose your favourite releasing pose, or supine releases

Shavasana                   Relaxation

Pranayama                  Breath work

Dharana/Dhyana        Contemplation/Concentration/Meditation


Simply make a start.  Try for the same time each day, 2-3 times per week will get you started.

3 – 5 minutes to sit and tune in (Centering).

3 – 5 minutes to warm and loosen up the body, lying or standing.

3 – 5 minutes of poses or sequence, anything you can remember or look through your notes.

3 – 5 minutes to rest, palms on the belly is a good way to stay tuned in.

3 – 5 minutes to focus on your breath or a positive thought.

That’s 15 – 25 minutes!

You CAN allow yourself that much time per day, for a practice that is so BENEFICIAL to you.

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