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Let Yoga Blossom

Yoga is not a practice for hoarding; it isn’t a possession as such.

Let your practice of Yoga go – let it blossom; let it be what you need it to be.  Don’t keep it cooped up – same same………….it will go stale if you do.

If you haven’t time to add something new to your practice, then you need to let go of something that is no longer serving you.  Allow change.

During a recent month of travelling, I weened myself from the necessity of a Yoga mat.  Rather, I practiced what I needed when I needed it.  If it was a day that was to involve much sitting on a narrow river boat, (without back support) I practiced core and back work.  If it was a day that was to involve much trekking and uneven surfaces – my early morning practice would be feet, ankles, limbs, much stretching – then core and back.

Do you know what? It works!!! Yoga really works for you, if you let it.  Set yourself up for the day and the breath will flow and injuries will be avoided.

So trust me; release your practice, let it go……………..just like your next out breath.

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