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Autumnal Grounding

As we say goodbye to summer and daylight saving; we shall resume our practice by ‘getting grounded’ for autumn.

With the heat and humidity gone, I’m hoping our energy will begin to find its balance and pick up again.

‘Getting Grounded’ means doing the best we can to gain comfort sitting on the floor, while finding out why it is so good for us.  Oh yes, this means stretching the legs, encouraging the hips to open and getting the circulation flowing – particularly through the organs of the pelvic area.  Why do we want to do this? because it helps with our overall health and keeps the body’s immune system strong.  And that is right where we want to be to take us into winter.

It may not sound much, but these practices mean we’ll get up close and personal with the digestive system – so we’ll study that while we are in the vicinity.

So unroll your mat, and let’s roll into autumn; we have much more Yoga to do.

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