Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind

Good BREATH words

There are many ways to practice Yoga – and a Yoga practice does not always need to involve a mat.  Next time you are feeling a little ‘yoga-ish’, but not necessarily physically inclined ; take a paper and pen, find somewhere peaceful and sit quietly…………………with your breath.

Think of as many ‘Good Breath Words’ as possible beginning with the BREATH letters

B          Being, Belly, Balancing,

R          Rhythm, Regular, Repetitive,

E          Ease, Energy, Effect,

A          Aware, Attention, Adjusting,

T          Tune-in, Timing, Therapy,

H          Healthy, Healing, Harmony,

I offer you 3 for each letter to get you started.  Enjoy.

(as part of our term theme; we have 20+ words for each letter)

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