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Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

When we come together again mid-April, our theme for the Autumn term will be ‘Core & Back’.   What does the word ‘core’ mean to you? Think about it.

In our Yoga practice on the mat, nearly every pose/asana we do has the potential to strengthen the core.  When we put the body in an unfamiliar position it may feel unstable; but that is when we get to work through all the layers of muscle.  By working slowly and methodically with awareness we may be able to gain strength. In turn that strength will offer our poses/asana a sense of balance and ease, this may also effect our day to day movement in a positive way.

There are many layers of muscle in the front body we will be working with – and  many more muscles in the back body that will be involved.  This reminds us it is difficult to isolate one set of muscles from another – one part of the body from another.

Core muscles

On and Off the Mat – these muscles help support the spine whenever the back muscles are engaged.  It is not only the abdominals that are involved, we also need the hip flexors (psoas) to do much of the work. To maintain overall joint stability and help prevent injury and lower back pain – core strength is essential.

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