Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind

Comfortable, Dependable, Reliable

What is it for you? Food, armchair, blanket, book, movie, garden, walk or Yoga?

During times of need, it is good to seek out that which is a nurturing way to unwind.  Whether it is your comfortable shoes ready for a walk or run, or curling up under your favourite blanket for a snooze or time with a good book. Maybe it’s time spent with a hobby that totally absorbs your focus; or a simple but nutritious soup that warms you from the inside.  Recognize your own needs, but also recognize that someone else’s needs may be entirely different to yours.

The Yoga practices I have been offering over recent weeks were known to most of you.  That was a deliberate attempt to encourage you to keep your Yoga practice going, and to be safe in that practice.  Also, because sometimes things don’t need to be new and different, they need to be familiar.

When life itself is challenging or disturbing to your sense of normality, return to what you know and what you need. Retrain your perspective and regain your equilibrium from the that which you know to be comfortable, dependable and reliable.

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