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The Possibilities of Change

The Possibilities of Change

Running parallel to ‘The Grief of Change’ (see the previous post) is another flow ‘The Possibilities of Change’.

So now we know how it feels to be living in lockdown.

The very early days revealed new rhythms with the time constraints of the usual work routine removed.  For those in ‘retirement’ mode the timetable of activities also gone.  Those previously ‘booked’ hours that filled the days are now available…………to do what?

The flurry of cooking, cleaning, sorting and gardening steadied – we don’t want to run out of chores by week three.  There will be some who will always ‘keep busy’ and others who are ‘lost in a void’.  Some will use technology to keep in touch with family and friends, others will be totally reliant on the cyber world and devastated when disconnected.

Hobbies put aside long ago, interests rekindled and creativity given time to develop and flow, such a choice.  As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

How long has it been since you saw your own handwriting?  Very therapeutic – try it.  You may even find that your handwriting has personality – YOURS!  Is this the time to start writing your book or learn a language or begin a new hobby?

“Don’t just sit there – do something”.  Walk, run, jump, cycle, dance, do whatever it is that lightens your load.  Set yourself an achievable goal for the day or the week.

But wait, we have precious time…. “Don’t just do something – sit there”.  Enjoy sitting and release your body weight until you feel grounded.  Sense your surroundings.  Then tune into you:  your body, your mind and your breath.  Breath, thoughts and feeling – let them flow.  Although much has been taken away from you, remember your value to yourself hasn’t changed.  Enjoy the bliss of Yoga; allow it to become an unhurried daily practice.  Observe yourself opening, unfolding, coping with change and aware of how adaptable you are.

Quite simply –  aware of ‘The Possibilities of Change’.

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