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Lessons during lock down

What have you been learning during your time in lock down?

I refer to self-study and life lessons rather than a language or hobby.

Have you slowed down? Have your priorities and values changed?  Has your thinking become clearer? Have you realized that it is not your haircut that makes you who you are.

It is early days in Level 2 but we feel we are getting closer to ‘normal’.  But the new normal is different.  Will we be able to carry through with our lock down lessons?

We are now governed by variables, restrictions and policies.  Even Yoga, a philosophy which has been practiced for thousands of years, must find its own way to comply.

The yoga lessons from lock down include acceptance, patience and understanding.

Acceptance means that you accept the current situation as it is, whether you agree with it or not.  Patience will enable you to wait mindfully.  Understanding is allowing that your thoughts, feelings, needs and situation may be completely different to someone else’s.

Go well as you as you find your way in the new ‘normal’.

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