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Resistance & Resilience

Resistance and Resilience both hold a place within a Yoga practice.

By using a prop when practicing a particular pose, resistance can help build strength and stamina.  This will come from pushing, pulling or loading the pose.

It is entirely different when there is resistance to change.  Without change a yoga practice can become stagnant.

Resilient by definition is to be able to return to the original, like a rubber band.  

Human beings aren’t rubber bands.  Yes they can bend and stretch, but resilience is more than being stretchy strong and stoic.  Resilient people also recognize their feelings.  Feelings ebb and flow, from being anxious on bad days, vulnerable on sad lonely days, and there can be grumpy days too.   

Learn to recognize resistance and resilience within yourself.  Remember their forms are varied.  Find the balance between change and stagnant; stretch and slack.  Give yourself permission to be.  Be who you are for yourself and others.

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