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Can you overdo it?

A very good question was asked one recent frosty morning.

“Can you overdo it in Yoga?”

Yes, I think you can.

Yogi R has practiced yoga for years.  The same poses in the same way regardless of circumstance, neither faulting nor querying that practice.

Yogi F has practiced on and off for years.  Coming back to their yoga practice as their life and circumstances permit.  The practice has adapted according to need, and been varied to suit changes in the body.  Whether due to incident or age the practice has been modified.

Which body is likely to overdo it? 

Yogi R.  Why? There has been no allowance for change.  Likely the mind leads the practice and if there is tension in the mind it will be reflected in the body.  Rigid mind, rigid body.  A body that is locked up will not allow breath and energy to flow and will possibly strain itself by trying too hard to keep to the conformed practice.   If incorrect alignment has been adopted this will accumulate firstly as discomfort and then quite possibly lead to injury.  Yogi R is Rigid.

Yogi F brings awareness into all aspects of their practice, and will adapt for comfort and enjoyment.  Because they listen to their body the benefits of Yoga will continue to be known.  Yogi F is Flexible.

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