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the Annual Test

You will be pleased to know that the Annual Test for your end of year Yoga progress report – is an open book test.  You can refer to as many notes, books, and trusted websites as you please.

You are testing yourself.  Can you establish and maintain a home Yoga practice while your regular class is on holiday, and as you weave your way through the festivities of the season?

You do not have to be rigid about your practice, merely committed.

It can be as simple as:

  • Greeting the day with a positive affirmation, taking time to sit and be grounded and focus on yourself, your breath and the day ahead.
  • Stretch before moving into your day.
  • 1 – 5 minutes in Vajrasana – the buttock to heel kneeling pose – to aide digestion after a meal – especially rather too large meal.
  • Anytime in the day flexing your spine through several rounds of ‘cat’ pose, a nice long stretch in downward dog, then extended child.  Reconnect with yourself and your breath. Lead into any other pose that your body is asking for.
  • Closing the day with a few minutes of quiet contemplation, reflecting on the day as it has been, with gratitude.

Simple but effective.

Something worth remembering is that you are making this commitment to and for yourself; and no one else can do it for you.

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