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a sense of ‘being’

As you begin to understand your physical practice, you may notice subtle changes on other levels.  Those moments when although you are quite aware of your surroundings you feel almost removed, detached, or withdrawn from them. 

You may find a sensation of ‘in the zone’ or quite literally that wonderful yogic sense of ‘being’.  Where you feel you are more in tune with yourself and working from a place within.

Here are ways of deepening and strengthening your practice to add this dimension.

  • Slow down.
  • Move with the breath – the breath leads the movement follows.
  • Move inside the breath – the breath begins, then move.
  • Move on the out breath – the out breath is the releasing breath.
  • Longer holds in each asana – as your stamina builds, try holding a pose for 3 breaths, 5 breaths, 10 breaths.

Try and release your practice to your body, rather than thinking the practice. I.e. work through your body, not from your brain.

Comment from a Yoga student:

“After attending Jan’s workshop on flow and then this term when she has encouraged us to hold our poses longer I have incorporated these ideas into my own practice. I have found that slowing down my practice has added an unexpected joy. Developing a ‘flow’ and increasing the number of breathes taken in each pose, has given me an amazingly different experience. My body is enjoying this change and the positive benefits I am feeling are surprising.”
                                                                                    Janene (yoga for 10+ years)

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