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Spring Forward

Just like daylight saving………….let’s ‘spring forward’ into our practice.

Grateful to the warrior poses for keeping us warm and mobile; we now leave our winter practice behind, and work with the rising energies of spring.

Spring is about growth, creativity, renewal, and cleansing.  Spring energy is assertive, it is the season of new beginnings, fresh opportunity………….and change.

This is the time of year to revisit the original Yoga Vinyasa – Surya Namaskara / Salute to the Sun.  To pay respect to the sun as the days begin to lengthen; to honour this sequence in its original form.

Then we can enjoy the change.  To know how to modify our practice when we need to; to change that practice to keep it interesting.  Change because always there is change. We will add flourish, and stretch, and a balance pose considered excellent for springtime. 

When you think there is no more to learn; Yoga will reveal itself yet again and uncover another layer of you.

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