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Yoga is so much like life – you get out of it what you put into it.

Most of us begin Yoga by attending class once a week………….great start.  But Yoga requires gentle consistent effort to be beneficial.  I love seeing the regular faces in class once a week – really I do.

However, I notice more changes in those who attend class twice a week; and even more change in those who develop a home practice.

It requires commitment and discipline to take Yoga to this level.  The greatest commitment required is ‘time’.  When we are ‘time poor’, and run our lives on overdrive – giving more to Yoga may feel like a guilt trip.  This is when Yoga actually comes to the rescue.  It is when you haven’t got time for Yoga, that you need it the most.  When your brain and emotions are scrambled it helps to sit quietly and observe the breath.  Breath is the calm center in the storm. When your body is knotted and tense – it will appreciate and respond well to a good stretch and a routine of Yoga poses.  When you are overtired and a night’s sleep is a forgotten reality Yoga offers relaxation. Meditation is perhaps our greatest tool; it is ‘first aid’ for the whole body/mind. Yoga reminds us to live in the present moment.

So what kind of change do I see in those who embark on this Yoga journey with commitment and discipline?  The first things I notice are the increase of self-esteem, self-confidence and self- acceptance.  These allow a happier, more positive person to shine from the inside; and the benefits continue to increase.  For the whole body/mind there are numerous health benefits available from Yoga.

Honestly, I believe Yoga is so much like life – you get out of it what you put into it.

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