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Spring Yoga

All classes will recommence in early October, for a Spring themed term.

The qualities associated with Spring are that of cleanse, detox, renewal, growth, vitality and creativity. The energy of Spring is assertive, it is the season of new beginnings, fresh opportunities, rising energy, vibrancy and vitality.

Think of the expressions we use in relation to spring:  Spring clean, Spring forward, Spring in your step.

Our practice will be a blend of held poses and flowing sequences; this will help us to free up any remaining winter stagnation.

Our spring practice will include:

  • Twists – for detox
  • Forward/Backward bends – cleanse and detox. Forward bends lengthen the spine and are releasing . Backward bends are opening, energizing, and a natural counter-pose to ‘modern posture’
  • Tree pose – This balance pose is about our connection to earth and rising energy.
  • Flamingo pose – as alternative for hips that don’t like Tree pose.
  • “Willow” sequence – a flowing sequence to get us moving fluidly
  • “Fire” sequence – another flowing sequence; which just happens to include some of the poses we looked at in term 3.
  • Sun Salutation – The original foundation of Yoga flowing movement; which pays respect to the sun as the days begin to lengthen.

Pranayama – Alternate nostril breathing to help eliminate toxins and stimulate both hemispheres of the brain.

Our new hand gesture / hasta Mudra is Harmonisation Mudra for emotional balance, mental clarity and concentration. A useful Mudra at times of change and rapid growth.

If your Yoga practice requires a Spring Clean: please come and join me.








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