Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind

Yoga as Balance

Balance is greatly reflected within a Yoga practice.

The balance of sitting or standing well; the range of balance asana (poses);

and the use of counter poses to balance and return the body to neutral.

Perhaps a Yoga practice offers balance to life……………. life off the mat

When life feels unbalanced, too many challenges, stress levels rising – we have the tendency to operate at 100% to keep pace, and more than 100% to feel efficient and under control.

Surely at such times, the return to the Yoga mat could be the balance to ‘life off the mat’.  If life off the mat is operated over 100% then Yoga on the mat could be practised at below 100%. If you give yourself permission to practice Yoga to 70-80% of your potential, then the practice will be nurturing and nourishing on every level, the risk of injury lowers and the practice becomes a beneficial surrender and recharge.

Instead of putting off your practice in busy times allow it to become your sanctuary.  Review your practice, can Yoga offer you Balance?

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