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Abhyasa – practice

Abhyasa – practice


We often begin our journey of Yoga through attending a weekly class.  That attendance may be sporadic to begin with; and then the magic of Yoga begins to seep into our cells and we find the pleasure in the discipline of attending class on a regular basis.


Yoga is so much like life, what we put into it – we get out of it.  Commitment to attending class leads to practicing at home.  The journey of Swadhiyaya – ‘Self Study’ begins.


The more we practice the more change will take place.

In the beginning we may not recognize any change or notice any difference. Then there is an awareness of standing differently, moving differently or simply feeling easier within your own body.  Whatever it is, it is enough to encourage a frequent practice. The more frequent that practice is, the more noticeable the changes.


The Sanskrit word for practice is Abhyasa.

Our Yoga ancestors remind us that through practice there will be success, through success there will be liberation, and through liberation – the freedom to be yourself; and no one can be as good at being you as you can!



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